Porto, Portugal - Old World Charm meets New World Art

It was our first time in Portugal and it was almost the end of our 4-week trip in Europe, so we opted for a city that's more laid back than the capital city - Porto. It's a small city, but the views from the bay of River Duoro are just BREATHTAKING! We got to visit spots in Porto that are "the most beautiful" in their category: train station (Azulejo tiles from floor to ceiling), Mcdonald's (with it's chandeliers, art deco architecture, and colorful stained glass), The Majestic Cafe (brings you back to La Belle Epoque), and Livraria Lello (Harry Potter vibes - rumored to have inspired Hogwarts on JK Rowling as she lived in Porto for a few years). We got to spend an afternoon in the Serralves Foundation museum, which was a perfect way to balance the old and the new. The museum has a beautiful outdoor area with interactive sculptures - Stellan LOVED and remembers the mushrooms and colorful sticks until now - and beautiful flora. Jei and I, as per usual, enjoyed the contemporary art exhibits.